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Group Membership- Family Culture Inquiry.

What? -A collaboration between children, parents and teaching staff. Why?-To provide a practical experience for children to explore how different parts of family life are different and the same in cultures around the world. It provides a lead into the bigger overall idea of how being parts of groups provides part of the explanation as to "Who am I?" http://www.flickr.com/photos/ismanilaes/sets/72157631530821231/ Read full article »

Multiple Intelligences

Check out this interesting website where you can investigate what sort of learning styles you have. http://www.bgfl.org/bgfl/custom/resources_ftp/client_ftp/ks1/ict/multiple_int/index.htm   Read full article »

Fiery Phoenix Class Holiday Party.

Our class party on Tuesday, 13th December was a wonderful event. The children had  planned the party beforehand with Tricia our room parent and had come up with some very creative ideas for having a celebration that were very unique. They chose their music, made their own decorations and created very inventive games such as pin the tail on the phoenix Read full article »

How We Learn.

08/23/2010 I am strongly motivated as an educational professional by the desire to empower children to make meaningful connections and have true ownership of their learning with regard to the world around them. As a parent you naturally want your children to be enthusiastic, confident and fulfilled learners. Over the course of our classes' inquiry into uniqueness we have found it fascinating Read full article »


Literacy and the power of words. Reading, writing and verbal communication.