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For thousands of years people have stared up at the night sky. They saw a sea of twinkling light and strange cosmic happenings. Some sought to explain what they saw as a cellestial world of Gods and Godesses, mortal heroes and mythical creatures. Our class have been on an inquiry into myths and legends as a context for being better communicators and meeting our literacy goals. Read full article »

Back in Time……………

On Monday 7th November the Fiery Phoenixes, along with the rest of the grade 2 community took a step back in time. Or to be more precise, a simulated step back in time, otherwise this would be getting posted in a great many more publications than just our blog! The idea was to try to give our learners as vivid Read full article »

Time waits for no one!

From Monday the 7th November Grade 2 will start the next unit which is called Time . The big idea of the unit is that “Family histories provide an insight into cultures, individuals and preferred futures.” It should provide our learners with the opportunity to develop greater knowledge of the Social Science side of the Grade 2 curriculum. Click here for Read full article »


Literacy and the power of words. Reading, writing and verbal communication.