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Growing Awareness and Developing our Abilities as Learners.

Dispositions towards life and learning, along with fostering trans disciplinary skills are at the core of what we do in our classroom and beyond it. They are fundamental to our growth as empowered, caring, connected Global Problem Solvers. The Invisible Tigers use a language of colour to make sense of this. Individual dispositions and skills are paired together with the seven Read full article »

Fractured Fairy Tales.

As our literacy focussed mini unit comes to an end we are looking back and reflecting on what we have learned about Fairy Tales and traditional stories. A recent highlight was a class parent visit where we were read a short story from a Finnish writer featuring the Moomins characters. It contained a strong moral and helped the children to realise Read full article »

Learning Dispositions and Trans-disciplinary Skills in Action.

In order to really understand one's self in the world in terms of as a learner, as a friend and with the overall goal of becoming a balanced, creative, caring and responsible global problem solver it is helpful to try to consider our contribution and connection with the world in terms of a number of dispositions and transferrable skills. These are our core Read full article »

Using Wordle to Unpack Challenging Concepts.

If you look down the right hand side of the class blog you will see a new feature, "Latest Learning Wordle."  Wordle is a powerful tool which turn words into a piece of Art. The words that occur most frequently stand out more prominently. This is useful if one is  exploring a concept. Our new unit contains many quite challenging concepts and Read full article »

Disaster Relief Efforts for Japan.

A message from our  SLEC- Service Learning and Environment Committee.  As you know a massive Earthquake and Tsunami struck Japan last Friday 11th March. Our hearts and thoughts are with those affected by this devastating disaster.  As part of ISM’s Service Learning and Environmental Council’s (SLEC) school wide approach, the High School Japanese Cultural Club will be organizing a bake sale and  our Read full article »

Biosphere Experiment – Pt 2.

Just to give some more background to what we are doing. The Biosphere experiments conducted in the US some years back were essentially in preparation for extended group-living in space, on other planets. A crew of volunteers entered into and lived together isolated from everything in an artificially cocooned environment, with its own internal ecosystem which mimicked an average Earth Read full article »

Anyone for a Web Quest ?

It may sound a little on the cheesy side but web quests offer a new and effervesent route into learning. We have discussed before on this blog site how children and indeed adults too learn more effectively in a range of ways. For some of us we can remember a lecture or conversation almost word for word but remembering the visual Read full article »

Overview of the Grade 2 Year.

This information represents a rough guide rather than an exact schedule. Durations of units may alter according to children's learning. Read full article »

Transdisciplinary Skills.

Transdisciplinary Skills These are the types of questions that all ISM students are encouraged to ask themselves in order to be more aware of their personal learning behaviours and the inter-connection between all subject areas. These skills can be applied to any situation to support greater  success. COMMUNICATION Why do I need to speak? How can I make sure that others can follow what Read full article »


Dispositions The dispositions derive from the ISM Mission and School-wide Student Goals. They are the behaviors that learners need to be aware of throughout the learning process as they impact the outcome of their actions. Students are guided using the following questions and prompts: Self-Directed How am I self-directed? When am I self-directed? What makes me decide to be self-directed? What examples can you include from your Read full article »


Literacy and the power of words. Reading, writing and verbal communication.

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