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Focus on Numeracy pt 2.

This week we have had a satisfying week in numeracy working on the following things: Fluently adding and subtracting using mental strategies Solving word problems Representing the digits of 3-digit numbers as hundreds, tens, ones using the build it, draw it, expand it approach e.g 342=300+40+2 We have been practicing estimating and then determining if groups of objects have an odd or even number Read full article »

Biosphere Experiment pt.3 in the Community Garden.

        Our biospheres have gone into the community garden! They have survived in the class for 15 weeks. That's 105 days without extra water or air and they still are alive! In our classroom there is air conditioning and the temperature is only 25 degrees C. If biospheres are to survive on other planets then they would need to be able Read full article »

Magic Gopher.

This was our mental maths activity on Wednesday. Can YOU defeat the Gopher? How is this done? Read full article »

Disaster Relief Efforts for Japan.

A message from our  SLEC- Service Learning and Environment Committee.  As you know a massive Earthquake and Tsunami struck Japan last Friday 11th March. Our hearts and thoughts are with those affected by this devastating disaster.  As part of ISM’s Service Learning and Environmental Council’s (SLEC) school wide approach, the High School Japanese Cultural Club will be organizing a bake sale and  our Read full article »

Seeing is Believing – The Wonders of the Solar System.

  The picture above shows a rather striking image of the great planet Jupiter sitting majestically in the blackness of space. It is flanked by four of its beautiful moons, Ganymede, Callisto, Europa and the fiery volcanic moon Io. However for me as a teacher at International School Manila, the true wonder of this image lies in the fact that this Read full article »

Choco-logic Numeracy Challenge

Click the link below to get your chocolate flavoured Numeracy challenge. Read full article »

Sports Day is on the Horizon !

The elementary school annual sports day is now one week away! Please join us next Friday February 18th .All families are invited to attend. All children will bring home a program today for ES Sports day . Our focus is understanding that physical activity provides opportunities for health, enjoyment, self expression, challenge and social interaction as well building a sense Read full article »

P.E. Venue Change.

Dear Creative Cobras Parents, Just a quick note to let you know that our class transfer to the ES field this week for our P.E sessions. The children are currently practicing ball skills.  It would be helpful if the children could bring a hat to protect them from the sun and as ever a water bottle is essential. Read full article »

Anyone for a Web Quest ?

It may sound a little on the cheesy side but web quests offer a new and effervesent route into learning. We have discussed before on this blog site how children and indeed adults too learn more effectively in a range of ways. For some of us we can remember a lecture or conversation almost word for word but remembering the visual Read full article »


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