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Persuasive Writing

Our class, along with many other grade four classes have begun to look at persuasive writing this week. The timing seems natural as it fits well with our Child Rights unit of inquiry, part of which relates to how rights can be upheld. Persuasion is a significant part of this and we are working towards the goal of creating well Read full article »

Creative Expression.

CREATIVE EXPRESSION: Unit Summary: We all respond to beauty. Students explore how we use a variety of literature to express ourselves. Students will inquire into how literature reflects our culture, beliefs and values. We come to understand the importance of valuing personal creativity, and the importance of the arts in reflecting and shaping cultures. Unit Understanding Through literature, we can express ourselves, our thoughts, Read full article »

The Invisible Tigers Visit The Community Garden.

Our class recently spent a very enjoyable and fulfilling afternoon in the Community Garden. It was Thursday and we had been spending long amounts of time indoors working on our learning. We needed to find an alternative setting. We decided to inquire into group membership by taking our class group and putting them in various problem solving situations in the garden. Read full article »

Creative Expression.

  Our focus of attention now shifts towards the final unit of inquiry of the semester, Creative Expression. This is obviously a broad concept  so for grade 2 we shall be focusing on written creative expression in particular. A brief summary of the unit is as follows: The unit understanding: Through literature, we can express ourselves, our thoughts and our ideas. Essential Guiding Questions: How can Read full article »

Grade 7 Modernised Fairytale Storytelling Visit.

On the morning of Monday, 12th March the Fiery phoenixes were visited by Grade 7 students who had come to share their modernized Fairy-tales that they had been writing over the last three weeks. It was an invaluable experience for both classes, allowing the kids the chance to interact across the elementary / middle school partition to be more of Read full article »


For thousands of years people have stared up at the night sky. They saw a sea of twinkling light and strange cosmic happenings. Some sought to explain what they saw as a cellestial world of Gods and Godesses, mortal heroes and mythical creatures. Our class have been on an inquiry into myths and legends as a context for being better communicators and meeting our literacy goals. Read full article »

Filipiniana 2011

On Friday 25th November the Fiery Phoenixes celebrated Filipiniana day at ISM. This day offers a chance for us to remind ourselves of where we are. It's all to easy to get caught up in a bubbl of internationalism. Sometimes it is good to stop and look around, to appreciate the country that you live in, it's people, culture, heritage Read full article »

Fiery Phoenix Class Self Directed Diners !

Our class took part in it's first grade 2 assembly this afternoon. Our contribution was to create and show a 3 minute movie presentation with Mrs A's ESL tea..We wanted it to reflect our ideas about how we can make our lunch times more positive experiences. Check it out! Read full article »

Our Year Ahead.

Here is a visual overview of the year ahead in grade 2 to help you keep track of our journey through concepts and understandings as well as events and holidays.   Read full article »

Fairy Tale Word Search Challenge.

Our class have been inquiring into the world of Fairy Tales and how they have changed over time  in different ways to suit there learning styles and goals that motivate their interest. This week while some of the class typed out stories, prepared play settings and compared Traditional and Fractured Fairy Tales one student decided that as improving writing is Read full article »


Literacy and the power of words. Reading, writing and verbal communication.

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