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Using Our Data Handling Skills to Monitor Changes in how Sustainable our Food Consumption is at Snack Time.

In January 2014, as part of our Sustainable Food Production Inquiry, the Invisible Tigers gathered data on what materials were used to make our food packaging and how many of each. We found the following categories- plastic, reusable, metal, paper, tetra pack and tin foil. We discovered that on a given day there were thirty nine of our snack items Read full article »

A Snapshot of our Learning this week.

This week has seen our team of learners delve into the world of whether or not different forms of food production and the ensuing consumption really are sustainable or not. As responsible, problem solving global citizens we are looking at the impact of the food we eat at snack and at lunchtime upon the planet that we live in. The Read full article »

Sustainable Production Unit Launch.

  We have begun the process of investigating how the food we eat is produced and to what extent this is sustainable. We launched the Sustainable Production Unit by receiving our three guiding questions and the Big Idea in the form of words, jumbled up in envelopes. We then put them in the right order and thenstuck them to posters. The Read full article »

Sustainable Production.

  Grade two are about to start our third unit of the year. We will be focusing on the Sustainable Production Commonality of our Common Ground Curriculum. Specifically in grade two we look at this in the context of food production and the various stages food goes from farm or laboratory in some cases to being eaten. The overarching big idea Read full article »

Learning About Food Production in Grade 2

Did you know that you are made of soil? In a way you are! Think about when you plant a seed which eventually produces a fruit or a vegetable. The plant has mixed water, sunlight, air and soil and turned it into the shape of a fruit or vegetable which you then eat! In grade 2 we have been investigating how food is Read full article »


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