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Meeting Our Class Buddies for the First Time.

This year the Invisible Tigers are buddied with Ms. Juteau's Preschool class. This offers the kids a valuable chance to connect their two groups and to experience community in a wider context. Also this year the grade two's get to experience what it is like to be a senior buddy and to help the younger children. In this way we Read full article »

So What Does a Thousand Really Look Like?

  A warm thank you to The Adventurers Class learning community for engaging so readily with the recent Grade 2 investigation into what 1000 really looks like. On the morning of Friday 12th October all the classrooms of grade 2 opened their doors to each other as well as many visiting classes and school "V.I.P's" as the Thousands Museum came to Read full article »

Family Culture Inquiry.

This week we have delved further into the world of culture and how it helps make us who we are. We conducted a temperature check of our learning by positioning ourselves in a line  according to how much we thought we knew about culture. Then we produced a colour, symbol and image that came to mind when we thought of Read full article »

Developing Number Sense In Grade 2.

We have kicked off our yearlong study of place value and operations.  These two concepts will progressively get more in depth as the year continues.  We will build on previous knowledge of concepts as a way of developing a deeper understanding of place value and operations.  Below are our unit understandings and essential questions for these two units. Place Value Unit Understanding: The Read full article »

Arrays in our World. Understanding what Multiplication Really Means.

Previously in grade 2, children had experience with equal-sharing division situations. In the following activity, children worked with equal-grouping division situations. It isn't important that children be able to distinguish between the two meanings of  "division" at this point. However, it is important that they have had informal experience with both meanings. The flickr slideshow shows how the Fiery Phoenixes Read full article »

Fiery Phoenix Class Holiday Party.

Our class party on Tuesday, 13th December was a wonderful event. The children had  planned the party beforehand with Tricia our room parent and had come up with some very creative ideas for having a celebration that were very unique. They chose their music, made their own decorations and created very inventive games such as pin the tail on the phoenix Read full article »

Our Year Ahead.

Here is a visual overview of the year ahead in grade 2 to help you keep track of our journey through concepts and understandings as well as events and holidays.   Read full article »

Wednesday Afternoon Show and Tell.

This year we have set aside Wednesday afternoons from 1:00pm-1:30pm for show and tell. Each week during this time we will have the opportunity for four students to talk about and display an item or subject that is precious to them. It could be a holiday experience, cultural, sporting or academic subject area. This offers us a lot of possible benefits Read full article »

Fun Interactive Games that Help to Build Numeracy Skills

Learning basic facts in numeracy is akin to rapid recall of sight words when reading language. Once one is able to instantly recall these fundamental building blocks then more complex challenges become more accessible. When Mr Rea was a student he used to have to sit down and learn times tables rote fashion. The same with addition and subtraction facts. Thankfully Read full article »

Magic Gopher.

This was our mental maths activity on Wednesday. Can YOU defeat the Gopher? How is this done? Read full article »

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