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Unit summary In this Geometry unit, students will investigate properties of two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometric shapes and classify shapes by their properties. They will explore lines of symmetry, angle measurement, and everyday application of geometric concepts. Big Idea Two dimensional and three dimensional Geometric figures are described and analyzed by their attributes. Essential Questions What geometric terms are used in daily life? Why can different geometric Read full article »


Human Commonality Group Membership. Unit Understanding We all need to understand where we belong. Students inquire into the reasons people migrate, and the effect of human migration on individuals, families, and cultures. Students will research migration stories and reflect on the impact of migration on their lives and sense of belonging. Big Idea Human migration can help us understand more about ourselves, others and communities. Essential Read full article »

Discovering and Understanding Earth and Beyond. Through scientific investigation we can discover and understand what is beyond Earth. That is the big idea of our fourth unit of inquiry of the year, which is entitled Discovery. There are many ways that we can discover and understand the universe in which we live. So far this year through our units of inquiry we have looked at concepts of what makes ourselves Read full article »

Learning Dispositions and Trans-disciplinary Skills in Action.

In order to really understand one's self in the world in terms of as a learner, as a friend and with the overall goal of becoming a balanced, creative, caring and responsible global problem solver it is helpful to try to consider our contribution and connection with the world in terms of a number of dispositions and transferrable skills. These are our core Read full article »

Habitats Exploration.

  On Wednesday morning  the Fiery Phoenixes assembled in the CMC. There to greet us was Miss Pat and some of our Fiery Phoenix class parents along with our class room parent. Brilliant~! We needed to have as many people together as we could as we had a challenge ahead of us. The big idea of our unit is that... "Ecosystems can help Read full article »

Overview of the Grade 2 Year.

This information represents a rough guide rather than an exact schedule. Durations of units may alter according to children's learning. Read full article »

Connected to our school community

Whole-school Community You can navigate away from this site and access various whole-school community sites. Elementary School Blog The ES blog site can be accessed at any time by clicking on the box at the top right corner of the page that say’s ” International School Manila” Blogroll The blogroll contains links to the specialist teachers. You will be able to see what the children Read full article »

Transdisciplinary Skills.

Transdisciplinary Skills These are the types of questions that all ISM students are encouraged to ask themselves in order to be more aware of their personal learning behaviours and the inter-connection between all subject areas. These skills can be applied to any situation to support greater  success. COMMUNICATION Why do I need to speak? How can I make sure that others can follow what Read full article »


Dispositions The dispositions derive from the ISM Mission and School-wide Student Goals. They are the behaviors that learners need to be aware of throughout the learning process as they impact the outcome of their actions. Students are guided using the following questions and prompts: Self-Directed How am I self-directed? When am I self-directed? What makes me decide to be self-directed? What examples can you include from your Read full article »

Hi, nice to meet you!

Hi there, I just wanted to add a few notes about myself by way of introduction. I am known to the kids as Mr Rea. My full name is Chris Rea. I do also have a middle name but its way too embarassing to mention so that one will remain a closely guarded secret! I  previously taught in the South London Borough Read full article »


Literacy and the power of words. Reading, writing and verbal communication.

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