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Fiery Phoenix Class Self Directed Diners !

Our class took part in it's first grade 2 assembly this afternoon. Our contribution was to create and show a 3 minute movie presentation with Mrs A's ESL tea..We wanted it to reflect our ideas about how we can make our lunch times more positive experiences. Check it out! Read full article »

Reading in the Garden.

We love our classroom. Creative Cobras H.Q. is a great place to be. We have our learning resources, computers and displays all in one place. Woohoo!!! But sometimes we stop and begin to wonder if we are spending too much time in one place. Shouldn't the places where we learn and connect be a bit diverse? After all the world Read full article »

ES Art Exhibition

All parents and members of our learning communities are cordially invited to.............   Read full article »

A World of Fairytales.

  Shortly before the Spring Break the Grade 7 students of Miss Hillman visited our class. They had been writing modernized versions of Fairy tales and Folk tales and were looking for an audience to provide appreciation and a critical ear with regard to their literary efforts. We were keen to be involved as this could be a great opportunity for Read full article »

Disaster Relief Efforts for Japan.

A message from our  SLEC- Service Learning and Environment Committee.  As you know a massive Earthquake and Tsunami struck Japan last Friday 11th March. Our hearts and thoughts are with those affected by this devastating disaster.  As part of ISM’s Service Learning and Environmental Council’s (SLEC) school wide approach, the High School Japanese Cultural Club will be organizing a bake sale and  our Read full article »

Making the most of Spontaneous Learning Opportunities.

Hi, meet Bob. He's pictured above. Bob suddenly appeared on Friday morning after play time. He had been picked out of the soil from the new planting area of the Community Garden. Everyone was quite excited by the appearance of Bob. Well almost everyone. A ferof the Cobras had worried looks on their faces and seemed troubled. They said that Read full article »

Sports Day is on the Horizon !

The elementary school annual sports day is now one week away! Please join us next Friday February 18th .All families are invited to attend. All children will bring home a program today for ES Sports day . Our focus is understanding that physical activity provides opportunities for health, enjoyment, self expression, challenge and social interaction as well building a sense Read full article »

Anyone for a Web Quest ?

It may sound a little on the cheesy side but web quests offer a new and effervesent route into learning. We have discussed before on this blog site how children and indeed adults too learn more effectively in a range of ways. For some of us we can remember a lecture or conversation almost word for word but remembering the visual Read full article »

Meet our favourite Time Traveller and also the fabulous Captain Calamity!

This week we offer a couple of links to two of our favourite online learning experiences. Doctor Who is a science fiction character (the worlds longest running TV show) the website of which has many links to the time unit. There is also the hilarious but quite educational Captain Calamity which we enjoy a lot too! Read full article »

Filipiniana at ISM Elementary ’10

Friday 22nd November marked ISM's annual celebration of it's mother country - Filipiniana It is very important any school be it international or state school to have a real connection to its surroundings. Otherewise what context do children really have to apply their learning ? For our learners it was a chance to celebrate and be reminded of  the features Read full article »

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