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Invisible Tigers Woodland Organism Research Questions

  Our class worked together to create these questions. We split into groups and each group generated questions. Then we each picked a top five questions and shared them. When they were all put together, this is the research document that was created. Invisible Tigers Class Research Questions What is their scientific name? What type of organism is it eg reptile, mammal, insect, bird Read full article »

Connections to the Natural World.

Our latest human commonality that we are inquiring into is called Connections to the Natural World.'  Below is an overview of this unit.  It would be great to review this with your child and see how you can make connections to their learning outside of the classroom!  This unit of study will challenge the children with critical thinking, problem solving, researching and Read full article »

Greetings Adventurers Class Community. Here are some updates with regard to the scheduled events for the next few days. A quick breakdown of our schedule on Friday for International Day:   7:30-8:00-Flag ceremony   8:30-9:30-Grade 2 Concert in FAT   9:30-10:00- Normal Class (International Game Activity)   10:00-10:30-Recess   10:30-11:00-Normal Class   11:00-12:15- International Food in the Grade 2 Hall-Please come join the fun!  (Big thanks to everyone that helped set this up.) 12:15-12:45-Recess 13:00- Class Photoshoot. 13:15-Class trip Read full article »

Connections to the Natural World

The Adventurers continue to inquire into connections within the realm of our natural world. This week we have been investigating how different organisms are connected together in the Tundra ecosystem. We have created research questions and then independently researched a different animal, insect or plant from that ecosystem. We have also created a beautiful giant mural of the Tundra outside Read full article »


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