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Biosphere Experiment – Pt 2.

Just to give some more background to what we are doing. The Biosphere experiments conducted in the US some years back were essentially in preparation for extended group-living in space, on other planets. A crew of volunteers entered into and lived together isolated from everything in an artificially cocooned environment, with its own internal ecosystem which mimicked an average Earth Read full article »

Seeing is Believing – The Wonders of the Solar System.

  The picture above shows a rather striking image of the great planet Jupiter sitting majestically in the blackness of space. It is flanked by four of its beautiful moons, Ganymede, Callisto, Europa and the fiery volcanic moon Io. However for me as a teacher at International School Manila, the true wonder of this image lies in the fact that this Read full article »

Investigating Biospheres.

During our research we discovered something called the Eden Project, which is made up of Biomes or Biospheres. We were also investigating  the wonders of the Solar System and it made us question if it would be possible to live on other planets and how people could do this. We also found something about this in a Discovery Channel Video Read full article »


A collaborative learning platform for teachers, educators & schools! Glogster EDU is a collaborative online learning platform for teachers and students to express their creativity, knowledge, ideas and skills in the classroom. We discovered Glogster during our Time Unit performance task which involved creating an imaginary yearbook page for the students for when they would be 18 and leaving school. The Read full article »

Discovering 2011 with the Creative Cobras.

Happy New Year Creative Cobras learning community ! 2011 looks set to be an exciting time of learning for our class. We began our new unit called Discovery on Monday. The big idea of the unit is that the Earth is part of a vast and complex universe. As big ideas go, they don't come much bigger than that one. Read full article »

Anyone for a Web Quest ?

It may sound a little on the cheesy side but web quests offer a new and effervesent route into learning. We have discussed before on this blog site how children and indeed adults too learn more effectively in a range of ways. For some of us we can remember a lecture or conversation almost word for word but remembering the visual Read full article »

Meet our favourite Time Traveller and also the fabulous Captain Calamity!

This week we offer a couple of links to two of our favourite online learning experiences. Doctor Who is a science fiction character (the worlds longest running TV show) the website of which has many links to the time unit. There is also the hilarious but quite educational Captain Calamity which we enjoy a lot too! Read full article »

Filipiniana at ISM Elementary ’10

Friday 22nd November marked ISM's annual celebration of it's mother country - Filipiniana It is very important any school be it international or state school to have a real connection to its surroundings. Otherewise what context do children really have to apply their learning ? For our learners it was a chance to celebrate and be reminded of  the features Read full article »

Creating Beautiful Animal Documentaries.

Research skills form perhaps one of the more prominent trans disciplinary skills at this point in the grade 2 year. As a class we have been developing our awareness of  how we investigate and develope our knowledge of the new things we find in the world. Also the 'Creative Cobra's' (this was the kids choice for our class name in Read full article »

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