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Group Membership- Family Culture Inquiry.

What? -A collaboration between children, parents and teaching staff. Why?-To provide a practical experience for children to explore how different parts of family life are different and the same in cultures around the world. It provides a lead into the bigger overall idea of how being parts of groups provides part of the explanation as to "Who am I?" Read full article »

Inquiring into Family Cultures.

  The Adventurers class are now well into the swing of things in grade 2. We are enjoying our Group Membership unit and are focussing on the big idea of how our family history and culture helps to give us an identity and shape who we are. Our class is also a group that we are part of too! On Friday we went Read full article »

Our Fiery Phoenix Culture Exhibition.

  Our class community have created a wonderful culture exhibition. It features items that our parents have lent us so that we can display them and learn more about different cultures around the world. We have model Jeepnies from Philippines, masks from Africa and even bones from Mongolia! Read full article »

The Phoenixes meet the Whale Sharks.   We were delighted to be invited to visit the Preschool Whale Sharks class with Ms. Nat on Monday morning. Two members of our team have siblings that are in the Whale Sharks class, so we were delighted to have the chance for them to connect with their families and for the rest opf us to spend some time collaborating with Read full article »

Looking for Evidence of Culture at I.S.M.

Our class embarked upon a culture walk as part of our ongoing inquiry into culture. We toured around the ISM campus looking for examples of culture. Each time we found something we stopped and explained why we had chosen the item as an example of culture. Lately we have used the 'see, think, wonder' strategy to analyse photographs of our investigation. What Read full article »

Fractured Fairy Tales.

As our literacy focussed mini unit comes to an end we are looking back and reflecting on what we have learned about Fairy Tales and traditional stories. A recent highlight was a class parent visit where we were read a short story from a Finnish writer featuring the Moomins characters. It contained a strong moral and helped the children to realise Read full article »

Grade 7 Modernised Fairytale Storytelling Visit.

On the morning of Monday, 12th March the Fiery phoenixes were visited by Grade 7 students who had come to share their modernized Fairy-tales that they had been writing over the last three weeks. It was an invaluable experience for both classes, allowing the kids the chance to interact across the elementary / middle school partition to be more of Read full article »

Multiple Intelligences

Check out this interesting website where you can investigate what sort of learning styles you have.   Read full article »

Sports Day 2012.

The Fiery Phoenixes boarded the Sportsmanship with our customary ambition and determination on Friday, 24th, February. Our class connected and collaborated, looking out for each other and combining our energy for the sake of the team. It was a great day. Thanks must also go to our class parents who gave us lots of support and encouragement. Click the link to open an album Read full article »


For thousands of years people have stared up at the night sky. They saw a sea of twinkling light and strange cosmic happenings. Some sought to explain what they saw as a cellestial world of Gods and Godesses, mortal heroes and mythical creatures. Our class have been on an inquiry into myths and legends as a context for being better communicators and meeting our literacy goals. Read full article »

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