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Persuasive Writing

Our class, along with many other grade four classes have begun to look at persuasive writing this week. The timing seems natural as it fits well with our Child Rights unit of inquiry, part of which relates to how rights can be upheld. Persuasion is a significant part of this and we are working towards the goal of creating well Read full article »

Making Connections between Family Names and Migration.

We were investigating different examples of migration this week looking at local, regional and international migration in times of ancient history, recent history and in the present day. As the Manta Rea's class teacher, I often get interested in their inquiries and do my own one too. I made a text to self connection to a book about the Irish immigrants Read full article »


Human Commonality Group Membership. Unit Understanding We all need to understand where we belong. Students inquire into the reasons people migrate, and the effect of human migration on individuals, families, and cultures. Students will research migration stories and reflect on the impact of migration on their lives and sense of belonging. Big Idea Human migration can help us understand more about ourselves, others and communities. Essential Read full article »

Digital Communication Systems.

Unit Summary. We all have a story to tell and meaning to share. Students inquire into how we access, analyze, and evaluate the information from different digital media. Students will develop an awareness of the responsibilities that go with creating content to share with a variety of audiences. Big Idea. Generating messages for others involves thinking creatively, with an awareness of the consequences. Read full article »

Using Our Data Handling Skills to Monitor Changes in how Sustainable our Food Consumption is at Snack Time.

In January 2014, as part of our Sustainable Food Production Inquiry, the Invisible Tigers gathered data on what materials were used to make our food packaging and how many of each. We found the following categories- plastic, reusable, metal, paper, tetra pack and tin foil. We discovered that on a given day there were thirty nine of our snack items Read full article »

Creative Expression.

CREATIVE EXPRESSION: Unit Summary: We all respond to beauty. Students explore how we use a variety of literature to express ourselves. Students will inquire into how literature reflects our culture, beliefs and values. We come to understand the importance of valuing personal creativity, and the importance of the arts in reflecting and shaping cultures. Unit Understanding Through literature, we can express ourselves, our thoughts, Read full article »

A Snapshot of our Learning this week.

This week has seen our team of learners delve into the world of whether or not different forms of food production and the ensuing consumption really are sustainable or not. As responsible, problem solving global citizens we are looking at the impact of the food we eat at snack and at lunchtime upon the planet that we live in. The Read full article »

Sustainable Production.

  Grade two are about to start our third unit of the year. We will be focusing on the Sustainable Production Commonality of our Common Ground Curriculum. Specifically in grade two we look at this in the context of food production and the various stages food goes from farm or laboratory in some cases to being eaten. The overarching big idea Read full article »

Invisible Tigers Woodland Organism Research Questions

  Our class worked together to create these questions. We split into groups and each group generated questions. Then we each picked a top five questions and shared them. When they were all put together, this is the research document that was created. Invisible Tigers Class Research Questions What is their scientific name? What type of organism is it eg reptile, mammal, insect, bird Read full article »

Connections to the Natural World.

Our latest human commonality that we are inquiring into is called Connections to the Natural World.'  Below is an overview of this unit.  It would be great to review this with your child and see how you can make connections to their learning outside of the classroom!  This unit of study will challenge the children with critical thinking, problem solving, researching and Read full article »

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