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Bamzooki Multiplication and Division Fun.

Bamzooki is a really fun way to practice multiplication and division. It uses quite large numbers but provides you with help and a reminder of some strategies to use. It's part of the bbc bitesize website which has lots of really useful learning activities. Click the picture below to get started. Read full article »

Grade Four Ten Thousand Project.

Learning Intention: To develop our ability as mathematicians to model with Maths, look for patterns, be precise and present what we learn. Guiding Questions:   How big is 10,000? What does 10,000 look like? How many different ways can we show 10,000?   Task:   Find 10,000 of something to bring in to share with the class.  Be prepared to present your work to students and teachers at our 10,000 Read full article »

25 Alternative Ways to Ask your Mantra Ray how School went.

  The following is an extract from a blog from a Mother who, frustrated by the lack of feedback from her child about what they did in school decided to adopt a creative approach to framing her inquiry. Perhaps if your very own Manta Ray in not forthcoming with regard to the detail of their day then some of these questions Read full article »

Approaching Midnight -A Maths Investigation.

This is a really interesting and fun Maths investigation that you can work on at home by yourself, with a friend or with your parents if you like! It's good because it helps you to be a more creative Mathematician. What does creativity mean to you?Perhaps you think of painting a beautiful picture, or composing a song, or writing a poem.  Read full article »

Digital Communication Systems.

Unit Summary. We all have a story to tell and meaning to share. Students inquire into how we access, analyze, and evaluate the information from different digital media. Students will develop an awareness of the responsibilities that go with creating content to share with a variety of audiences. Big Idea. Generating messages for others involves thinking creatively, with an awareness of the consequences. Read full article »

Our Year Begins……

It feels good to have completed our first week  together. We have decided together what our reading circles will look like, organised how our Learning Journals will start off and decided on the all important class name. We are the Manta Rays (Rea's) ! Read full article »

Using Our Data Handling Skills to Monitor Changes in how Sustainable our Food Consumption is at Snack Time.

In January 2014, as part of our Sustainable Food Production Inquiry, the Invisible Tigers gathered data on what materials were used to make our food packaging and how many of each. We found the following categories- plastic, reusable, metal, paper, tetra pack and tin foil. We discovered that on a given day there were thirty nine of our snack items Read full article »

Maths Centres

As we approach the end of our year in grade two it is important to say thanks to our parents for helping to support our Numeracy learning this year. Things like number sense, addition, subtraction, telling time, multiplication and lately, Geometry, have all been much easier to learn because of the help of our parents in supporting our Tuesday morning Read full article »

Geometry Students describe and analyze shapes by examining their sides and angles. Students investigate, describe and reason about decomposing and combining shapes to make other shapes. Through building, drawing and analyzing two- and three-dimensional shapes, students develop a foundation for understanding area, volume, congruence, similarity, and symmetry.   Understandings, Skills and Guiding Questions Students will understand that … Shapes can be described by their attributes Read full article »

Creative Expression.

CREATIVE EXPRESSION: Unit Summary: We all respond to beauty. Students explore how we use a variety of literature to express ourselves. Students will inquire into how literature reflects our culture, beliefs and values. We come to understand the importance of valuing personal creativity, and the importance of the arts in reflecting and shaping cultures. Unit Understanding Through literature, we can express ourselves, our thoughts, Read full article »

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