Adjusting a Recipe Project



Find a simple recipe in a recipe book or on the internet with at least four fractions in the ingredients list. Include the original recipe within your project.


Be sure to show your calculations, explain your strategy and include visual models.


Within your project you must:


-Rewrite the recipe for twice as many people. (adding, doubling, multiplying)


-Rewrite the recipe for half as many people. (subtracting, halving)


-Explain how you would adjust your recipe to feed everyone in your class

-If the quantity served is not given, estimate how many it will serve and explain what you would do to have enough for us all.


-Present your information in a CREATIVE way.


-Make the recipe for 4-6 people and bring your project to our Fraction Feast on International Day! (March 31st)


– Remember to use the rubric as a guide!

Adjusting a Recipe Project Rubric


Exemplary Proficient Developing Emerging
Models with Math Uses multiple visual models to clearly justify calculations (number line, circles, bars, groupings, etc.) Uses one type of visual model to clearly justify calculations

(number line, circles, bars, groupings, etc.)

Uses a visual model to show calculations, but it may be unclear A visual model is not included or the model is incorrect
Attends to Precision Shows accurate and efficient calculations for solving and double-checking, using labels to organize the information Shows accurate and efficient calculations, using labels to organize the information Shows calculations with minor errors in accuracy Shows calculations with major errors in accuracy
Communicates Mathematical Understanding Thoroughly justifies thinking using an explanation that includes mathematical language Logically explains thinking using mathematical language Attempts to explain thinking and strategies in a logical way Strategy and/or an explanation is not included or is difficult to understand
Presentation Presents project in a unique way, engaging others with their presentation Presents project in an organized, neat and effective way Attempts to present project effectively, but parts may be unclear Presents project in an ineffective way, leaving others confused