Our class, along with many other grade four classes have begun to look at persuasive writing this week. The timing seems natural as it fits well with our Child Rights unit of inquiry, part of which relates to how rights can be upheld. Persuasion is a significant part of this and we are working towards the goal of creating well constructed Persuasive arguments in favour of different Child Rights that we choose as being particularly important to us.

The Manta Rays began their Persuasive Writing inquiry by analyzing a variety of persuasive texts to see what features this type of writing requires. We even looked at a persuasive letter that a second grade student had written to Mr. Toze and Mr. Campbell about Lunar New Year which Mr. Campbell had shared with teachers in his weekly email to them.


From these different examples we worked in groups and then shared together as a class to record our observations about what features to include in Persuasive Writing.


In the next session we used a graphic organizer to scaffold a Persuasive Argument on a topic of our choice. Here are a couple of examples of how we did this.

IMG_0635 IMG_0636

We used a structure consisting of introduction outlining the persuasive point then adding three reasons to explain our thinking, each backed up by three facts or examples to illustrate the points. Finally a conclusion summarises the persuasive argument. This approach is summed up by the following veggie burger diagram.

Speech Hamburger

Today, to give our learning authenticity we have published our Persuasive Texts as blog posts to the audience of our wider learning community. We invite you to click the link to our student blogs and comment on our posts. Perhaps you might like to comment by leaving a counter persuasive argument to the points made in our posts !

IMG_0640 IMG_0641