This week our classroom played host to two events where the Manta Rays Students and Class Parent Community came together with the goal of further developing their understanding of what we are doing in Maths.




On the morning of Tuesday 27th January  Grade Four opened it’s doors for the whole of our learning community to visit each class’  expo of their ‘Geometry in my World’ projects. It was a unique opportunity to see how different students had interpreted the design brief of identifying shapes, different types of lines and angles in the buildings of their choice.




Students were also challenged to consider the purpose of the different geometry phenomena within the buildings. We used our inquiry skills to ask questions such as ‘why is the Eiffel tower shaped as it is and why does the structure feature so many intersecting lines?’




Some of us used the ‘Praise, Question and Polish’ technique to provide meaningful feedback to each other about our projects.




On Wednesday 28th January our parents visited for a second day, this time to find out more about how we are using the Common Core Maths Curriculum to enable us to better learn about Mathematical concepts in our world and greater universe. There was also a focus on using the eight Maths Practices of what successful Mathematicians do e.g attending to precision and modelling with Mathematics.




After visiting the Little Theatre parents were invited to visit our classroom to see a whole class lesson together followed by a thirty minute period were children visited different learning centres that connect to our current fractions unit and to our Number Sense unit which is ongoing throughout the year.




A big thank you to all our community who are involved in our learning in all sorts of important ways.