Geometry in My World Project



Guiding Questions:


  • Where do we see geometry in our daily lives?
  • What geometric terms are used to describe what we see?
  • How can geometry make us better observers of the world around us?




Choose a building with interesting geometric features. Be prepared to share and describe the building using appropriate geometric vocabulary.




  • Sketch or model the building of your choice.
  • Clearly label the different geometric shapes, lines and angles.
  • Explain why the building’s geometric features are important.


Present your work!

How will you show and share about the following in a way that makes sense?


  • Building sketch or model
  • Reason(s) for building choice
  • Explanation of features using geometric vocabulary
  • Explanation of the importance of the building’s geometric features
  • Communicating your mathematical understanding

Project due on the 26th January. Parents will be invited to a viewing on 27th January.