We were investigating different examples of migration this week looking at local, regional and international migration in times of ancient history, recent history and in the present day. As the Manta Rea’s class teacher, I often get interested in their inquiries and do my own one too. I made a text to self connection to a book about the Irish immigrants to Canada and New York who fled Ireland on ships, following the failure of the potato crop. It was part of the “You wouldn’t want to be,” series. It is on the Grade Four Migration Back Cart.


My connection was simply that myself and my family come from Northern Ireland. So I wondered “Did any Rea’s make it across to Canada during the Potato Famine?” I investigated online and found that there were quiet a few people with the name “Rea” registered in a Canadian online business phonebook. Link- http://www.canada411.ca/Rea-1

I then decided to check an online Geneology website about where the name Rea comes from to check if it is only Ireland. If so then those in Canada might well be descended from those that had migrated from Ireland. My distant relatives!

I discovered  that it is an Irish name. There is also an Italian name but it is pronounced differently and there is little history of Italian immigration to Canada. Link-http://boards.ancestry.com/thread.aspx?o=10&m=

I searched and found a website with passenger lists for ships that had brought Irish Emigrants from Londonderry in Northern Ireland to Quebec in Canada from 1833-39. I discovered there were people on the list with my name! Link- http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~ote/ships/irish1833-1839r.htm

My conclusion is that my family ancestory most likely connects to the Irish migration to Canada that I had been reading about!  I wonder what it was like for my ancestors who migrated to Canada? Did their family miss them? What about the effect of their arrival on the culture of the people living in Canada at the time?

So what about your name? Did your ancestors migrate too? Why not do your own research and see what you can find out?!

What do you think your ancestors would think of someone from their family living in the Philippines, like you do? I bet they’d be amazed!