Human Commonality

Group Membership.

Unit Understanding

We all need to understand where we belong. Students inquire into the reasons people migrate, and the effect of human migration on individuals, families, and cultures. Students will research migration stories and reflect on the impact of migration on their lives and sense of belonging.

Big Idea

Human migration can help us understand more about ourselves, others and communities.

Essential Questions

What are the effects of migration on individuals, families and cultures?

Why do we study migration?

How does migration change us?

Key Vocabulary and Phrases

Migration, push and pull factors, persecution, asylum, asylum seeker, employment, visa, country of origin, community, culture, Geography, destination, nationality, freedom, immigrant, immigration, emigrant, emigration, migrant, refugee, intolerance, illegal immigration,removal immigration, forced migration, seasonal migration.

Video Resource

Here is a link to a short introductory video that examines some of the issues that we will be investigating in the unit.

Video Link HERE