Learning Intention: To develop our ability as mathematicians to model with Maths, look for patterns, be precise and present what we learn.

Guiding Questions:


  • How big is 10,000?
  • What does 10,000 look like?
  • How many different ways can we show 10,000?




Find 10,000 of something to bring in to share with the class.  Be prepared to present your work to students and teachers at our 10,000 Museum.




  • Show or bring in 10,000 of an item of your choice.
  • Your items must fit easily inside your backpack if you are bringing them to school.


Present your work!

How will you show and share about the following in a way that makes sense?


  • Item choice
  • Reason(s) for item choice
  • Strategies for counting your items
  • Proving you have 10,000
  • Communicating your mathematical understanding