Word Splash

Unit Summary.

We all have a story to tell and meaning to share. Students inquire into how we access, analyze, and evaluate the information from different digital media. Students will develop an awareness of the responsibilities that go with creating content to share with a variety of audiences.

Big Idea.

Generating messages for others involves thinking creatively, with an awareness of the consequences.

Essential Questions.

What is a digital citizen?

As a digital citizen, how can I communicate effectively and responsibly?

What are the potential positive and negative implications of digital citizenship on life today?


The class will begin by “tuning in” to the language of the unit by investigating both the deeper and wider meanings of words contained in the unit title, big idea and essential questions. As is implicit in the title, much of the learning will be I.t driven, both in terms of using it to provide the material for research and through children creating their own digital platforms from which to Communicate to others. Each student will begin their own blog which will run through the year.