This week has seen our team of learners delve into the world of whether or not different forms of food production and the ensuing consumption really are sustainable or not. As responsible, problem solving global citizens we are looking at the impact of the food we eat at snack and at lunchtime upon the planet that we live in. The Invisible Tigers seem to feel it makes sense for us all to make sure that this planet is as positive a place to live in for all living things as possible for now and the future. However we have learned that some things about modern life may need to be changed in order for that to happen. Next week we plan to plan and design solutions that can be implemented by responsible caring members of our school community who want to make a difference. We can be the change!

In Numeracy we have been working on multiplication by arranging blocks int arrays. We then drawe the array, write repeated addition eg 5+5+5=15. Then we record the multiplication sentence eg 3×5=15 and the reverse fact eg 5×3=15. Finally the kids write the whole thing in words eg there are three row, five in each row, fifteen in total. This is taking our approach to number sense into the sphere of multiplication.

The class wanted to put our learning into a wordle. You can see it on our website homepage on the right hand side or click the link below.

Link to Wordle HERE.