Our class worked together to create these questions. We split into groups and each group generated questions. Then we each picked a top five questions and shared them. When they were all put together, this is the research document that was created.

Invisible Tigers Class Research Questions

What is their scientific name?

What type of organism is it eg reptile, mammal, insect, bird ?

Where do you find the organism in the world?

What do they look like ?

How is it adapted to its habitat?

How long do they live?

What is the organism’s home?

Are they a carnivore, a herbivore or an omnivore?

How is it getting food?

How does the organism get it’s energy?

What is it’s prey?

What type of predators do they have?

How do they protect themselves from predators?

What are its Food Chains?

How do it’s Food Chains become a food web?

Are they endangered? If so why?

Where do they go if their habitat is destroyed?

What amazing fact have you found about this organism ?

Please help your child to think about what woodland organism they would like to research and we will begin next week!