Our focus of attention now shifts towards the final unit of inquiry of the semester, Creative Expression. This is obviously a broad concept  so for grade 2 we shall be focusing on written creative expression in particular. A brief summary of the unit is as follows:

The unit understanding:

Through literature, we can express ourselves, our thoughts and our ideas.

Essential Guiding Questions:

  • How can I express myself through writing?
  • Why is writing a part of every culture?
  • How do different forms of writing support my message?

Some key vocabulary for the unit is as follows:

Story, poem, play script, graphic novel, voice, creative, creativity, expression, genre, culture, literature, beliefs, values, meaningful, folktales, audience, fiction, clarity, ideas, organization, story elements (message, purpose, character, setting, plot, events, problem, solution, conclusion).

Obviously this is a great chance for you as parents to come in and get involved. Why not bring a piece of literature that has a special meaning to you (favorite story/book, poem etc.)

Talk to the class about:  why you chose this piece, a favorite part, maybe read an excerpt from it.

If this is something you would like to do please just email some times when you can be available and we can coordinate from there.

Next week I will also be asking the children to bring in a book from home that is meaningful to them. We will then create a classroom museum of literature that matters to us. It can be stories, poems, play scripts or graphic novels.

Finally here are some shots of the class “Tuning in” to the new unit this week by dissecting the unit’s big ideas and guiding questions for purpose and meaning……..


Using Post it notes to record early questions and ideas.



The words for each question came jumbled up. We sorted them into the coreect order.



Using dictionaries and thesauruses as tools to help to gain greater understanding.