Greetings Adventurers Class Community.

Here are some updates with regard to the scheduled events for the next few days.

A quick breakdown of our schedule on Friday for International Day:


7:30-8:00-Flag ceremony


8:30-9:30-Grade 2 Concert in FAT


9:30-10:00- Normal Class (International Game Activity)




10:30-11:00-Normal Class


11:00-12:15- International Food in the Grade 2 Hall-Please come join the fun!  (Big thanks to everyone that helped set this up.)


13:00- Class Photoshoot.

13:15-Class trip to view ES Art Exhibition in the F.A.T. Lobby.

13:45-14:15 Classroom.


Also thank you for sending back the permission slips for the grade 2 field trip to Pacem Eco Park in. We have two spaces available left for parent volunteers to come. If you would be able to spare the time volunteers would be very much appreciated. Once again please ensure your child brings a packed snack and lunch, sunscreen, insect repellant, hat and water bottle.