Did you know that you are made of soil? In a way you are! Think about when you plant a seed which eventually produces a fruit or a vegetable. The plant has mixed water, sunlight, air and soil and turned it into the shape of a fruit or vegetable which you then eat!

In grade 2 we have been investigating how food is produced. As part of this we used recycled self watering bottle containers to grow some different types of vegetable from seed in our classrooms.

Many non-local seeds like Carrots and Strawberry’s did not grow well at all. Others which are more native to the Philippines such as Kang Kong, Melon and Sitao Beans grew well. This helped us to think about how some fruits and vegetables have to be transported into our country from other countries where they are better adapted to climatic conditions. We wondered if flying Strawberry’s in Jet Planes from California in America was really sustainable.

This week we planted our Kang Kong, Bean and Melon Seedlings in the ISM Community Garden. Here we plan to use our scientific observation skills and also measuring skills to grow these plants to provide us with food we can really eat. We are learning to be sustainable food producers!

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