This week we have delved further into the world of culture and how it helps make us who we are. We conducted a temperature check of our learning by positioning ourselves in a line  according to how much we thought we knew about culture. Then we produced a colour, symbol and image that came to mind when we thought of culture. Next week we will use a see, think, wonder approach to generate questions to help the children inquire further into these concepts.

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We also produced our interview questions. The following slide show shows how we generated the questions and then sorted them into the interview format that the children have brought home.

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Thank you so much for making such a noble effort to engage in conversations with your children about our unit. It really is helping with their learning. Enjoy the slides!

Here is a list of some key vocabulary that is being used in our unit. You may want to use these in conversations about our unit.

Family Histories.

Past and present and future.






Families in the past.