The Adventurers class are now well into the swing of things in grade 2. We are enjoying our Group Membership unit and are focussing on the big idea of how our family history and culture helps to give us an identity and shape who we are. Our class is also a group that we are part of too!

On Friday we went to the CMC to do some work with a fabulous book called Mirror which is about two families on opposite sides of the world and how they do some things the same and others in a completely different way.

The Adventurers made lots of really good connections to the big idea of our unit which is that “Family histories enable us to understand the relationship between the past and the present and to discover our cultural origins.”

It’s a very big concept so we are breaking it down slowly into manageable pieces. Our current focus is “What makes our families special?”

Please do take the opportunity if you get the chance to discuss why you’re family is unique and special together.

We had many good ideas and really enjoyed our learning experience. We look forward to many more this year!