On Monday 7th November the Fiery Phoenixes, along with the rest of the grade 2 community took a step back in time. Or to be more precise, a simulated step back in time, otherwise this would be getting posted in a great many more publications than just our blog! The idea was to try to give our learners as vivid an impression of some areas of the past as we could. A big thank you to all kids, parents and teaching staff who entered in the spirit of the event and helped to launch our new conceptual unit in style.

The children rotated around the various class rooms of grade 2 every thirty minutes with each arena providing a different experience relating to an area of our social past.

  • Mr Winton- Communication in the past. Quill and ink experience.
  • Mr Rea- Entertainment from the last 100 years. Victorian wooden toys, Moving picture flicker books, 1950’s wind up toys, 1970’s Star Wars figures and action figures. Retro video games and toys.
  • Miss Zulberti-Silent movies in black and white.
  • Miss Atkinson-Quilt making and looking at how people used to make more of their own things in times gone by.
  • Miss Powers and Miss Duprat-Clothing from the past.
  • Miss Riviello-Schools in the past. Miss Riviello dawned the regalia of a traditional teacher and adopted some rather severe dispositions towards learning and discipline. It came as a shock to many of the kids!

Click here to see the full ES photostream on Flickr featuring all of the the grade 2 back in time experiences!