How are living things connected?

On Wednesday morning  the Fiery Phoenixes assembled in the CMC. There to greet us was Miss Pat and some of our Fiery Phoenix class parents along with our class room parent. Brilliant~! We needed to have as many people together as we could as we had a challenge ahead of us.

The big idea of our unit is that…

“Ecosystems can help us to understand that organisms and their environments are interconnected.”

We noticed we could also break down the keywords from our big idea into smaller, more familiar words.

We have been breaking this down into more manageable chunks. The most important ones to our learners at the moment seem to be Ecosystems, organisms, environments and interconnected. We had discovered that environments seemed to be associated with habitats. But it is hard to talk about  habitats  if you dont know where they are located  in the world .

I wonder where this creature lives? Why have I not seen any in Manila? ....Or have I?!

So we worked together using posters and books to place where the major types of habitats and environments could be found and represented them using coloured sections that corresponded to a key or legend. This would help to explain what habitats the coloured sections represented that we had shaded.

Massive thanks to all concerned who helped by either talking to your kids about the new unit or by coming in to help. The Fiery Phoenixes did really well and are making great in roads in their journey towards better understanding of the concept of  interconnectedness. It’s been lots of fun too!

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