We all come from a lot of different countries, cultural traditions and have participated in many celebrations. Many of us in the Creative Cobras learning community have traveled extensively and visited many countries. So it made sense for us to find out more about our cultural unit by asking our parents to come in and share what they know.

On Thursday we found out all about All Saints day in the Philippines. Many of us had never realized that what we think of as Halloween is celebrated very differently throughout the world. In the provinces outside of Manila in the Philippines people have a tradition of spending the day at the cemetery by the graves of loved ones in the belief that it is a special day when the spirits of those that have departed can return for just one day.

We were fascinated by local traditions for All Saints day in the country that we live in.

On Friday the Cobras had their second visit of the week and had a wonderful time exploring the geography, cultural wear and dance of Rajasthan in Northern India.

Trying out some traditional head-ware.

It emerged that many of our class were dancers, even Mr Rea! The kids said they felt very excited and also connected together during the dance. It has to be said there was a lot of energy!


Finally on Friday afternoon we learned more about the traditional Japanese art of Origami and had a splendid time folding sheets of Japanese newspaper into Samurai helmets. Wicked!

Also a fun way to celebrate your birthday!

Everyone agreed our T.A. looked very stylish indeed.


If you have any comments or you would like to tell us about a cultural tradition that you think would benefit the children’s learning then please do share them with us. We like culture~!