If you look down the right hand side of the class blog you will see a new feature, “Latest Learning Wordle.”  Wordle is a powerful tool which turn words into a piece of Art. The words that occur most frequently stand out more prominently. This is useful if one is  exploring a concept. Our new unit contains many quite challenging concepts and ideas. We have words like culture, identity, tradition and celebration. They are very relevant and useful things for us to understand as we go to a mulitinational, multicultural school. We also live in a country which for some of us is very different to our family or home country culture. So to fully engage with this it helps to understand and learn about these global identities and ways of life.

The Big Idea of our unit is…………..

 “ Traditions and celebrations are part of the identity of cultures from around the world.”

So we have started by unpacking and inquiring into the idea of culture. The Cobras began by connecting with each other in a class discussion about what this might mean. Then we produces a mind map of our ideas.

Next we tuned in by reading books, visiting websites and tapping into each other’s experiences and ideas.

Exploring and comparing cultures in different countries.


Wondering where religeon fits with culture.


We recorded our ideas and added any questions or things we wanted to inquire into further. They are going to be added to our Wonder wall.

I wonder why the river Nile is important to the culture of people in Egypt?


Finally we came together and created a list of the most important words and ideas that we think make culture. We added them to Wordle and you can see what we think culture is by clicking on the Wordle feature on the home page of the blog. Look out for more Wordles as we delve deeper into our Traditions unit!