Just to give some more background to what we are doing. The Biosphere experiments conducted in the US some years back were essentially in preparation for extended group-living in space, on other planets. A crew of volunteers entered into and lived together isolated from everything in an artificially cocooned environment, with its own internal ecosystem which mimicked an average Earth ambience. They grew their own food, recycled human waste, generated power and synthetically replenished air’s oxygen content. They came out after a year. The next step is to do it for generations at a time. That would require doming up a piece of uninhabited territory and reproducing inside it the conditions existing on, say, Mars. Decrease atmospheric pressure, replace it largely with CO2, change the soil to red rock and sand, and pump in a very minimal amount of hidden groundwater in the form of permafrost. Also, annihilate all traces of life, fungal, bacterial, even viral. The project would again need volunteers as these people would never be coming out on Earth again. We think we prefare our biosphere experiments to this !

There are now biosphere experiments up and running all over the world. The above image shows a recently constructed installation in Montreal, Canada.

So what of our own biosphere experiments?  First of all we have life! Our biospheres are now teeming with Tomato, Beetroot, Sitao, Radish, Sunflower and Grass seedlings. The sealed biospheres are showing a basic climate system whereby water is rising as vapour to the top of the bottles, condensing at the very top and then falling down towards the soil again as liquid. Check out some of the examples below which offer evidence of this.

Sitao bean plants growing on a floating biosphere on Uranus.

Tomato plants flourishing in a Mars biosphere.

We have now begun to regularly record what we observe in a variety of different biosphere logs where we can keep our observations, predictions and records of our actions.

Biospheres have changed the landscape of our classroom!

We are carefully observing the developement of these sealed mini planets.

We will update our logs regularly.

The Cobras have thought carefully about what they would like to learn from this experiment.

We are learning to carefully record what is happening.

We look forward to updating you again in the future as our experiment progresses. Bye for now !!!