During our research we discovered something called the Eden Project, which is made up of Biomes or Biospheres. We were also investigating  the wonders of the Solar System and it made us question if it would be possible to live on other planets and how people could do this. We also found something about this in a Discovery Channel Video and decided to investigate Biomes further…………

Here is a short video showing what the Eden project looks like. There are now a number similair projects around the world. It is amazingly beautiful and shows a certain harmony between technology and nature in creating a system that allows life to flourish.


So we decided to dig deeper and inquire further. 

We created realistic looking papier mache planet surfaces using our creative and collaborative skills.

We thought about what materials we might need to create the experiment and how we could replicate conditions that we might experience on other planets. This should help us to understand our forethcoming performance task which will involve thinking about what conditions are like on other newly discovered planets.

Our class have been enjoying this investigation, the request for which came from them. So far it has been really useful in a number of ways.

-It is making the Cobras think about the unique weather conditions that we have on Earth compared to the rest of the Solar System and how this has been conducive to life.

-It is giving us the chance to be scientists and set up experiments involving predicting, observing and reflecting on what can be learned.

-There has been lots of connection and collaboration.

We look forward to updating you about how our biospheres develope and what we can learn from them over the weeks to come.