A note from Mr O’Farrel. Regarding Swimming.

September 14, 2010

Dear Parents,

 As part of our Physical Education Program the classes of Coach O’Farrell (Miss Riviello and Mr. Rea) will start swimming beginning the week of Monday September 20th for three weeks.  They will swim 3 lessons a week during all regular PE classes.  Please check your child’s PE schedule to know which days of the week your child will swim.

Please be assured that all precautions will be taken to provide for the safety, ease and comfort of students.  Our aim is for all students to be safe in an aquatic environment and enjoy swimming. Two swimming teacher assistants (Coach Hazel and Coach Zaldy) will also help conduct the lessons.

Please have your children bring their swim gear (one-piece suit for girls) , towel, comb, change of clothes, extra pair of underwear and a plastic bag in which to put their wet swim suit and towel. Swim goggles and swim cap are optional.

Goggles are also fun to wear and help students relax in the water. It is however important that students can swim without goggles and not be overly dependent on wearing them. Please let your child practice putting on goggles at home if you wish them to wear goggles. This will save time fixing them in class. “Easy to put on” footwear is also advisable so the children can care for themselves as much as possible. Please label all items.

If your child can not swim because of medical reasons, a dated note or e-mail from you or your physician in advance if possible will be appreciated. Students not swimming will be asked to complete a series of dry land water safety activities poolside. 

We also invite you to help us assist with our swimming program. If you are able to attend swimming lessons to assist either in or out of the pool please contact me.  No swimming experience is necessary and we welcome your support. 

Thank you for your continuing support to the Physical Education Program.


Matthew O’Farrell