Hi there,

I just wanted to add a few notes about myself by way of introduction. I am known to the kids as Mr Rea. My full name is Chris Rea. I do also have a middle name but its way too embarassing to mention so that one will remain a closely guarded secret!

I  previously taught in the South London Borough of Southwark, England, UK for three years. There I had the pleasure of teaching 5,6,7 and 10 year olds. I  have very fond memories of my time living and working in the hussle and bussle of London. I had the pleasure of working with truly interesting and lively kids, learned from some  brilliant teachers and even met my lovely wife Juanita Rea there who teaches in grade 1 here at ISM.

I am now in my third year of grade 2 at ISM. During my time here I have seen the elementary school make wonderful steps towards delivering a more child led, inquiry based style of learning which I am fundamentally in agreement with. It makes learning come truly alive by giving children a terrific sense of ownership in their journey of learning about the world.

I am really looking forward to the year ahead. Lets go!!!!!!!!!!!