Conveniently for us in Manila we will be able to watch a partial eclipse of the sun this Friday 15th January 2010!!

In the Philippines, this event will be observed as a partial solar eclipse and will be the longest since 1992. It will be visible along a track stretching across Central Africa, the Indian Ocean and Eastern Asia.

The Eclipse is expected to be seen in Metro Manila beginning at 3:49pm to 5:51 p.m with the maximum eclipse at 4:53pm p.m.

In our class we have been learning about the solar system so this is a good opportunity for children to discover that in an eclipse the moon is moving in front of the sun to create a shadow on earth. The moon can do this because even though we know the sun is  bigger than the moon it is the perfect distance away to look as though it is covering the sun.

We also leaned something important about the sun and safety!!  Never look at the sun directly even if you have sunglasses on! I have sent home instructions on how to make simple viewers to be able to watch the partial eclipse safely! All you need is two bits of card or paper and a small piece of tinfoil.

Further information about the eclipse can be found in the link below